UA Local Union 178 and the union contractors have always made it a top priority to provide quality training to journeymen and apprentices at their state-of-the-art training center.

Graduates of the five-year apprentice training program can continue their education through journeyman certification courses. With all of this quality training available, it’s no wonder our Local 178 members are considered the most talented and well-respected plumbers, pipefitters, and technicians in the area.

Certification courses are offered from September through April and are conveniently scheduled during the evening.


Course Descriptions

Backflow Prevention:
Instruction on backflow prevention, cross connections, and device testing. Certification as a Backflow device tester upon successful completion of ASSE exam

Basic Electricity:
Safety and the basic fundamentals of electricity needed to understand the function and operation of the electric and electronic controls used in connection with mechanical systems.

Builders Level / Transit:
Knowledge and fundamentals needed in the use of the Builders Level and Transit.

CFC Recovery:
Recovery of refrigerant in the course of repair and
installation of refrigeration and cooling systems.
Certification upon successful passage of exam.

Code Interpretation:
Preparation course for the Springfield and Joplin Plumbing exam.

Sewage disposal, sewers and drains, building drainage systems, the plumbing trap, and venting drainage systems.

Drawing Interpretation:
Technical and Isometric drawings.

Gas Code:
Preparation course for the Springfield exam.

Gas Installations:
Natural gas installations, two pound gas systems, gas appliances and controls, sizing and venting gas systems.

HVAC Technician:
Trouble shooting residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC equipment.

Introduction to Refrigeration:
Refrigerant basics.

Introduction to Welding:
Welding basics.

Job Management:
Contractor relations, material expediting, employee relations, work scheduling, and communication.

Job Safety:
Job safety, health hazards, and an overview of the OSHA laws.

LP Gas Certification:
Missouri State LP Gas regulations. Certification upon
successful completion of State of Missouri Exam

Mathematics as it applies to the pipe trades, math review, formulas, and pipe measurements.

Mechanical Code:
Preparation course for the Springfield exam

Med Gas Systems:
Medical Gas systems code, installation procedures, and equipment. Medical Gas Certification upon successful passage of NITC certification exam.

OSHA/MSDS/Heritage/Red Cross:
OSHA 30-hour Construction certification, Material Safety Data Sheets certification, The Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 178 heritage, and First Aid and CPR certification.

Oxy Cutting / Welding:
Fundamentals of oxygen-acetylene cutting and welding.

Pipe Fittings:
Familiarizes the Apprentice with piping materials, joining methods, and how to support them

Covers the basic refrigeration cycle through centrifugal and absorption systems, the related equipment, controls, startup, testing and repair of various types of refrigeration equipment.

Rigging / Signaling:
Fundamentals of rigging. Equipment and materials for hoisting and signaling practices.

Science as it applies to the pipe trades.

Soldering / Brazing:
Practices and procedures the soldering and brazing of pipe.

Use & Care of Tools:
Covers the correct and safe use of tools and the proper care of tools.

Water Supply:
Water treatment, water mains and services, building water supply systems, cross connections, hot water supply, valves, and pumps.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), and Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG).